Thông báo Serminar "High Resolution Imaging and X-Ray Microanalysis in the FE-SEM" In
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Thứ ba, 02 Tháng 8 2016 15:21
Kính mời thầy cô tham dự buổi seminar do GS. Raynald Gauvin -  McGill University Montréal, Canada, với tiêu đề "High Resolution Imaging and X-Ray Microanalysis in the FE-SEMvào lúc 10h thứ ba ngày 09/08/2016 tại phòng hội thảo ITIMS, Trường Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội.
Abstract của bài trình bày: 
"The new generation of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) can perform high resolution imaging with resolution better than 1 nm in the bulk mode and in the transmission mode. This research seminar will present new results for the characterization of various materials and nanomaterials obtained with the various cold field FE-SEM of the research group of Prof. Gauvin, including the new SU-8230 from Hitachi that has the auto flash mode, giving current stability. This FE-SEM has 1 SE lower detector, 2 SE upper detectors with various modes of energy filtration, a STEM detector that works in bright field and the FlashQuad SDD detector from Bruker with a solid angle of 1.2 Sr, allowing the mapping of particulates of few nanometers. Results in bulk mode and in transmission mode will be presented covering x-ray microanalysis, high resolution imaging of phases and defects, like dislocations and also EBSD in bulk and in the transmission mode."
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