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Bạn đang ở: Trang chủ Bài Báo ISI Bài báo ISI năm 2017
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Thứ tư, 19 Tháng 4 2017 23:04

Bài báo ISI 2017 của Viện ITIMS 

2017 (*corresponding authors

 (Cập nhật 30/11/2017)

1. Ha Minh Tan, Chu Manh Hung*, Minh Ngoc Trinh, Hugo Nguyen, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Novel self-heated gas sensors using on-chip networked nanowires with ultralow power consumption", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  9 (2017) 6153-6162.

(IF2015: 7.14; Doi:

2. Nguyen Van Hoa*, Tran Thi Hoang Quyen, Nghia Nguyen Huu, Nguyen Van Hieu, Jae-Jin Shim, "In situ growth of flower-like V2O5 arrays on graphene@nickel foam as high-performance electrode for supercapacitors", Journal of Alloys and Compound 702 (2017) 693-699.

(IF2015: 3.01; Doi:

3. Matteo Tonezzer*, Thi Thanh Le Dang*, Tran Quang Huy, Nguyen Van Hieu, Svalvatore Iannotta, "Selective hydrogen sensor for liquefied petroleum gas steam reforming fuel cell systems",International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2017) 740-748.

(IF2015: 3.2; Doi:

4. Nguyen Van Hoa, Tran Thi Hoang Quyen, Nguyen Van Hieu, Tran Quang Ngoc, Phan Vinh Thinh, Pham Anh Dat, Hoang Thi Trang Nguyen, “Three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide-grafted polyaniline aerogel as an active material for high performance supercapacitors”, Synthetic Metals, 223 (2017) 192-198.

(IF2015: 2.29; Doi:

5. Quan Thi Minh Nguyet, Nguyen Van Duy*, Nguyen Thi Phuong, Nguyen Ngoc Trung, Chu Manh Hung, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Superior enhancement of NO2 gas response using n-p-n transition of carbon nanotubes/SnO2 nanowires heterojunctions", Sensors and Actuators B  238 (2017) 1120- 1127.

(IF2017: 5.4; Doi:

6. Hoang Xuan Thanh, Do Dang Trung*, Khuc Quang Trung, Kieu Van Dam, Nguyen Van Duy, Chu Manh Hung, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "On-chip growth of single phase Zn2SnO4 nanowires by thermal evaporation method for gas sensor application", Journal of Alloys and Compounds  708 (2017) 470-475. 

(IF2015: 3.01; Doi:

7. Le Huu Trinh, Tran Thai Hoa*, Nguyen Van Hieu, Nguyen Duc Cuong*, "Facile synthesis of ultrafine Gd2O3 nanoparticles by polyol-microwave method", Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3484-3490.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

8. Chu Thi Quy, Chu Manh Hung, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Mingzhi Jiao, Hugo Nguyen, “Ethanol-Sensing Characteristics of Nanostructured ZnO: Nanorods, Nanowires, and Porous Nanoparticles”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3406–3411.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

9. Manh-Hung Chu, Liang Tian, Ahmad Chaker, Evgenii Skopin, Valentina Cantelli, Toufik Ouled, Raphaël Boichot, Alexandre Crisci, Sabine Lay, Marie-Ingrid Richard, Olivier Thomas, Jean-Luc Deschanvres, Hubert Renevier, Dillon Fong, Gianluca Ciatto, “Evaluation of Alternative Atomistic Models for the Incipient Growth of ZnO by Atomic Layer Deposition”, Journal of Electronic Materials (2017) In press

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

10. Hoang Thi Hien, Ho Truong Giang, Nguyen Van Hieu, Tran Trung*, Chu Van Tuan*, “Elaboration of Pd- nanoparticle decorated polyaniline films for room temperature NH3 gas sensors”, Sensors and Actuators B 249 (2017) 348-356.

(IF2016: 5.4; http://dx.doi/10.1016/j.snb.2017.04.115.)

11. Nguyen Kien, Chu Manh Hung*, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Low temperature prototype hydrogen senosors using Pd-decorated SnO2 nanowires for exhaled breath application", Sensors and Actuators B 253 (2017) 156-163.

(IF2016: 5.4; http://dx.doi/10.1016/j.snb.2017.06.141.)

12. Mingzhi Jiao, Nguyen Van Duy*, Nguyen Viet Chien, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Hieu*, Klas Hjort, Hugo Nguyen*, "On-chip growth of patterned ZnO nanorods with PdO decoration for enhancement of hydrogen-sensing peformance", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2017) 16294-16304. (IF2016: 3.58; http://dx.doi/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2017.05.135.)

13. Nguyen Van Toan*, Chu Manh Hung, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Dang Thi Thanh Le, and Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Bilayer SnO2-WO3 nanofilm for enhanced NH3 gas sensing performance", Materials Science and Engineering B 224 (2017) 163-170. [IF2016: 2.55;]

14. Nguyen Van Hieu*, Chu Manh Hung, Dang Thi Thanh Le, "On-chip growth of semiconductor metal oxide nanowires for gas sensors: A review", Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 2 (2017) 263-285. [ESCI - Web of Science;]

15. Minh D. Nguyen*, Evert P. Houwman, Matthijn Dekkers, and Guus Rijnders, “Strongly Enhanced Piezoelectric Response in Lead Zirconate Titanate Films with Vertically-Aligned Columnar Grains”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 (2017) 9849-9861.

(IF2015: 7.14, DOI:

16. Minh D. Nguyen*, Evert Houwman, Matthijn Dekkers, Darrell Schlom, and Guus Rijnders, “Enhancement of figure of merit for energy-harvesters based on free-standing epitaxial Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)0.99Nb0.01O3 thin-film cantilevers”, APL Materials, 5 (2017) 074201. 

(IF2015: 4.32, DOI:

17. Pham  Van Tuan, Le Trung Hieu, La Quynh Nga Ngo Ngoc Ha, Nguyen Duc Dung, Tran Ngoc Khiem, “Influence of Hydrothermal Temperature on the Optical Properties of Er-Doped SnO2 Nanoparticles”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3341-3344

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

18. Pham Van Hao, Pham Duc Thanh, Chu Thi Xuan*, Nguyen Hoang Hai, Mai Anh Tuan, “Development of a DNA Sensor Based on Nanoporous Pt-Rich Electrodes”,Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3491-3498.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi: s11664-017-5326-y.)

19. Vu Thi Trang, Le Thi Tam, Nguyen  Van Quy, Tran Quang Huy, Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Doan Quang Tri, guyen Duy Cuong, Pham Anh Tuan, Hoang  Van Tuan, Anh-Tuan Le, Vu Ngoc Phan, “Functional Iron Oxide–Silver Hetero-Nanocomposites: Controlled Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3381–3389.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

20. To Thanh Loan, Tran Thi Viet Nga*, Nguyen Phuc Duong, Siriwat Soontaranon, Than Duc Hien, “Influence of Structure and Oxidation State on Magnetic Properties of Sr1−xLaxFe12−xCoxO19 Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol–Gel Combustion Method”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3396-3405.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi: s11664-016-5279-6.)

21. Son Vuong, Ha-My Nguyen-Dang, Quang Thinh Tran, Thi Thu Thuy Luong, Trang T. T. Pham Thuat Nguyen-Tran*, Anh Tuan Mai*, “Fabrication of Copper(I) Bipyridyl Complex Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3639–3645.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

22. Chu T. Xuan, Nguyen T. Thuy, Tran T. Luyen, Tran T. T. Huyen, Mai A. Tuan*, “Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor for DNA Sensing”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3507-3511.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

23. Trinh Tuan Anh, Vu Manh Thuan, Doan Ha Thang*, Bui Thi Hang*, “Effect of Fe2O3 and Binder on the Electrochemical Properties of Fe2O3/AB (Acetylene Black) Composite Electrodes”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3458-3462.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

 24. Thu-Hien Vu*, Thomas Wandlowski, “Self-Assembled Structures of Benzoic Acid on Au(111) Surface”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3463-3471.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

25. Vu Thi Trang Le Thi Tam*, Vu Ngoc Phan, Nguyen Van Quy, Tran Quang Huy, Anh-Tuan Le*, “Two-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bifunctional Hematite–Silver Heterodimer Nanoparticles for Potential Antibacterial and Anticancer Applications”, Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017) 3323-3332.

(IF2015:1.49; Doi:

26. Pham Van Tuan, Tran Ngoc Khiem, Pham Thanh Huy, “Sol–gel synthesis and photoluminescence of SiO2–Si:Er3+ nanocomposite films”, Materials Research Express, 3 (2017) 036205

(IF2015: 0.96; Doi:

27. Chu Hoang Manh; Nguyen Minh Van; Vu Hung Ngoc; Hane Kazuhiro, “25 nm Single-Crystal Silicon Nanowires Fabricated by Anisotropic Wet Etching”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 17 (2017) 1525-1529.

(IF2015: 1.33; Doi:

28. Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Nhat Sinh Ha, Long Quang Nguyen, Hoang Manh Chu,* and Hung Ngoc Vu,*, “Z-Axis Micromachined Tuning Fork Gyroscope with Low Air Damping”, Micromachines 8 (2017) 42.

(IF2015: 1.29; Doi:

29. N. V. Minh, N. N. Son, N.T. H. Lien and C. M. Hoang, “Non-close packaged monolayer of silica nanoparticles on silicon substrate using HF vapor etching”,  Micro & Nano Letters (2017) in press.

(IF2015: 0.72; Doi:

30. Van Su Luong, J.T. Jeng, C.C. Lu, H.Y. Hsu, “Low-noise tunneling-magnetoresistance vector magnetometers with flux chopping technique”, Measurement 109 (2017) 297-303.

(IF2016: 1.35;

31. Giang Van Cuong, Tran Trung, Nguyen Anh Tue, Nguyen Anh Tuan, “Cobalt content- and magnetic field-dependent transmission behaviors of red laser light for CoAl2O3 granular thin films”,  Optical Materials 69 (2017) 303-311.

(IF2016: 2.23; Doi:

32. Hoang Chu Manh, Nguyen Duy Vy, Le Tri Dat, and Takuya Iida, “Enhancing amplitudes of higher-order eigenmodes of AFM cantilevers by laser for better mass sensing”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 56 (2017) 06GK05.

(IF2015: 0.72; Doi:

33. Chi, T.Q. Nguyen, Minh D. Nguyen*, Hien T. Vu, E.P. Houwman, Hung N. Vu, and Guus Rijnders, “High energy storage responses in all-oxide epitaxial relaxor ferroelectric thin films with the coexistence of relaxor and antiferroelectric-like behaviors”, Thin Solid Films 636 (2017) 188-192.

(IF2016:1.87; Doi:

34. Thi Luyen Tran, Thi Thuy Nguyen, Thi Thu Huyen Tran, Van Tuan Chu, Quang Thinh Tran, Anh Tuan Mai, “Detection of influenza A virus using carbon nanotubes field effect transistor based DNA sensor”, Physica E 93 (2017) 83-86.

(IF2016: 2.22; Doi:

35. Chu Manh Hoang, Takuya Iida, Le Tri Dat, Ho Thanh Huy, Nguyen Duy Vy*, “Optimal coating thickness for enhancement of optical effects in optical multilayer-based metrologies”, Optics Communications 403 (2017) 150-154.

(IF2016: 1.58;,)

36. Minh D. Nguyen*, Evert P. Houwman, Huiyu Yuan, Ben J. Wylie-van Eerd, Matthijn Dekkers, Gertjan Koster, Johan E. ten Elshof, and Guus Rijnders, “Controlling Piezoelectric Responses in Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 Films through Deposition Conditions and Nanosheet Buffer Layers on Glass”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 35947–35957.

(IF2016: 7.50; Doi:

37. Minh D. Nguyen*, Evert P. Houwman, and Guus Rijnders, “Large piezoelectric strain with ultra-low strain hysteresis in highly c-axis oriented Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 films with columnar growth on amorphous glass substrates”, Nature: Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 12915.

(IF2015: 5.22; Doi:

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