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Acknowledgement to the contribution of former students In Email
Viết bởi Admin   
Thứ hai, 21 Tháng 11 2016 15:43

Dear the ITIMS’s Alumni,

We’d like to inform you that we’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of ITIMS next year, 2017. Since the birthday, the Institute has always tried to maintain and step-by-step enhance its role in higher education, training and research in materials science. Certainly, today success and reputation could not be achieved without the contribution of the instructor worldwide, staff, MSc. and PhD. students in general and the former students of ITIMS, in particular. Your activities are valuable and helpful for us in training, research, international relation. You’re also play as gate way for technology transfer and creating the collaboration with business community.

We’d like to thank for your continuous support and contribution. And hope that, you’ll keep supporting the Institute in the future as our founders did.

Warm regards,

Van Hieu Nguyen, Prof. The Director of ITIMS

Lần cập nhật cuối ( Thứ sáu, 25 Tháng 11 2016 09:19 )

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