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Bài báo ISI năm 2013


2013 (*corresponding authors)


Nguyen Van Hieu*, Nguyen Duc Khoang, Do Dang Trung, Le Duc Toan, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, “Comparative study on CO2 and CO sensing performance  of LaOCl-coated ZnO nanowires”, J. Hazardous Materials, 244-245 (2013) 209-216.

(IF2011: 4.17; DOI:



Nguyen Duc Hoa*, Vu Van Quang, Nguyen Van Hieu* and Dojin Kim, "General and scalable route to synthesize nanowire-structured semiconducting metal oxides for gas-sensor applications", J. Alloys and Compounds, 549 (2013) 260-268.

(IF2011: 2.28; DOI:



Nguyen Duc Hoa*, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Crystalline mesoporous tungsten oxide nanoplate monoliths synthesized by directed soft template method for highly sensitive NO2 gas sensor applications", Materials Research Bulletin 48 (2013) 440-448.

(IF2011: 2.10; DOI:



Hoang Van Han, Nguyen Duc Hoa*, Pham Van Tong, Hugo Nguyen, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Single-crystal zinc oxide nanorods with nanovoids as highly sensitive NO2 nanosensors", Materials Letters 94 (2013) 41-43.

(IF2011:2.27; DOI:




Chu Van Tuan, Tran Quang Huy, Nguyen Van Hieu, Mai Anh Tuan*, Tran Trung*, “Polyaniline nanowires-based electrochemical immunosensor for label free detection of Japanese encephalitis virus”, Analytical Letters, 46 (2013) 1229-1240.

(IF2011: 1.0; DOI:



D.T. Quang*, N.V. Hop, N.D. Luyen, H.P. Thu, D.Y. Oanh, N.K. Hien, Nguyen Van Hieu, M.H. Lee, and J.S. Kim, "A new fluorescent chemosensor for Hg2+ in aqueous solution", Luminescence: The J. Biological & Chem. Luminesc. 28 (2013) 222-225.

(IF2011: 1.20; DOI:




Nguyen Duc Khoang, Hoang Si Hong*, Do Dang Trung, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Dao Duc Thinh, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "On-chip growth of wafer-scale planar-type ZnO nanorods sensors for effective detection of CO gas", Sensors and Actuators B, 181 (2013)  529-536.

(IF2011: 3.89; DOI:




Vu Anh Minh, Le Anh Tuan, Tran Quang Huy, Vu Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Van Quy*, “Enhanced NH3 gas sensing properties of a QCM sensor by increasing the length of vertically orientated ZnO nanorods”, Applied Surface Science, 265 (2013) 458-464.

(IF2011: 2.10; DOI:




Bui Dai Nhan and Mai Anh Tuan*, “Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole for biosensor application”, Int. J. Nanotechnology, 10 (2013) 154-165.

(IF2011:1.23; DOI:



Minh D. Nguyen*, Chi T. Q. Nguyen, Thong Q. Trinh, Tai Nguyen, Thao N. Pham, Guus Rijnders and Hung N. Vu*, “Enhancement of ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties in PZT thin films with heterolayered structure”, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 138 (2013) 862-869.

(IF2011: 2.23; DOI:



H. Yagubizade, M. Darvishi, Y. -Y. Chen, M. D. Nguyen, J. M. Dekkers, R. J. Wiegerink, M. C. Elwenspoek and N. R. Tas, “Pulsed-laser deposited Pb(Zr0.52,Ti0.48) on-silicon resonators with high-stopband rejection using feed-through cancellation”, Applied Physics Letters, 102 (2013) 063509.

(IF2011: 3.82; DOI:



M. Dekkers, H. Boschker, M. van Zalk, M. Nguyen, H. Nazeer, E. Houwman and G. Rijnders, “The significance of the piezoelectric coefficient d31,eff determined from cantilever structures”, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 23 (2013) 025008.

(IF2011: 2.10; DOI:



Dao Thi Thuy Nguyen, Nguyen Phuc Duong*, Takuya Satoh, Luong Ngoc Anh, Than Duc Hien, “Magnetization and coercivity of nanocrystalline gadolinium iron garnet original”, J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 332 (2013) 180-185.

(IF2011: 1.78; DOI:




Hoang Manh Chu*, Hung Ngoc Vu, Kazuhiro Hane, “Electric feed-through for vacuum package using double-side anodic bonding silicon-on-insulator wafer”, Journal of Electrostatics, 71 (2013) 130–133.

 (IF2011: 1.08; DOI:




Minh Duc Nguyen*, Matthijn Dekkers, Hung Ngoc Vu, Guus Rijnders, “Film-thickness and composition dependence of epitaxial thin-film PZT-based mass-sensors”, Sensors and Actuators A, 199 (2013) 98-105.

 (IF2012: 1.84; DOI:



Pham Van Tong, Nguyen Duc Hoa*, Vu Van Quang, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Van Hieu*, "Diameter Controlled Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Nanorod Bundles for Highly Sensitive NO2 Gas Sensors", Sensors and Actuators B, 183 (2013) 372-380.

(IF2011: 3.89; DOI:



Dang Thi Thanh Le, Nguyen Van Duy*, Do Dang Trung, Ha Minh Tan, Nguyen Ngoc Trung, Phung Thi Hong Van, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Hieu*, “Density-controllable growth of SnO2 nanowire junction-bridging across electrode for low temperature NO2 gas detection”, Journal of Materials Science, 48 (2013) 7253-7259.

(IF2011:2.01; DOI:



Dang Thi Thanh Le*, Do Dang Trung, Nguyen Duc Chinh, Bui Thi Thanh Binh, Hoang Si Hong, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Hieu*, “Facile synthesis of SnO2-ZnO core-shell nanowires for enhanced ethanol-sensing performance”, Current Applied Physics, 13 (2013) 1637-1642.

(IF2011: 1.90; DOI:



Phan Van Tong, Nguyen Duc Hoa*, Vu Van Quang, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen The Lam Nguyen Van Hieu*, “In-stitute decoration of Pd nanocrystal on crystalline mesoporous NiO nanosheets for effective hydrogen gas sensors”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (2013) 12090-12100.

(IF2011: 4.05; DOI:



Nguyen Van Quy, Tran Minh Hung, Trinh Quang Thong, Le Anh Tuan, Tran Quang Huy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, “Novel synthesis of highly ordered mesoporous Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites for a room temperature VOC sensor”, Current Applied Physics, 13 (2013) 1581-1588.

(IF2011: 1.90; DOI:



Bui Thi Hang*, Doan Ha Thang “Fe/carbon nanofiber composite materials for Fe-air battery anodes”, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 704 (2013) 145-152.

(IF2011:2.90; DOI:




Bui Thi Hang*, Doan Ha Thang, Nguyen Tuyet Nga, Phan Thi Le Minhd and Eiji Kobayashi, “Nanoparticle Fe2O3-load carbon nanotubes nanofibers as iron-air battery anodes”, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 160 (2013) A1442-A1445.

(IF2011:2.59; DOI:




Dam Nhan Ba, Luu Tuan Tai, Nguyen Phuc Duong, Chu Van Tuan*, Tran Quang Huy “Electrochemical Properties of LaNi5-xGax Alloys Used as the Negative Electrodes of Ni-MH Batteries”, Analytical Letters, 46 (2013) 1897-1909.

(IF2011:1.0; DOI:



M D Nguyen*, H Nazeer, M Dekkers, D H A Blank and G Rijnders, Optimized electrode coverage of membrane actuators based on epitaxial PZT thin films, Smart Materials and Structures, 22 (2013) 085013(6pp).

 (IF2012: 2.024; DOI:




Evert P. Houwman*, Minh D. Nguyen*, Matthijn Dekkers and Guus Rijnders, Intrinsic stability of ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of epitaxial PbZr0.45Ti0.55O3 thin films on silicon in relation to grain tilt, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 14 (2013) 045006.

(IF2012: 3.752; DOI:


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