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One Study Tour – Many activities In Email
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Thứ tư, 18 Tháng 11 2009 17:14

The student organisation of Electrical Engineering of the University of Twente from the Netherlands organizes a study tour to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and South-Korea. The scope of this tour is to see the latest developments in the field of electrical engineering.

The theme of the study project is  “evolution of technology”. The meaning of the theme is twofold. On the one hand it is about how a specific technology evolves and how new technology is created. On the other hand it is about  how a country and a society evolves technologically.

One the one hand, they would like to visit your company to see the latest developments in their field of expertise. On the other hand, they’ve got a visit to ITIMS to see the research activities as well as the living of the students here. During the discussion, some are interested in future cooperation with research groups at ITIMS.

In frame of the visit to ITIMS, we held a friendly football match right before the flight to South Korea. A farewell party was performed by a Bia Hoi near the campus.

It is hoped that this visit will strengthen the long-term collaboration between ITIMS and Twente.

 Free discussion 1

 Free discussion 2

 Free discussion 3 

Free discussion 4


FC ITIMS vs. FC Twente. 1

FC ITIMS vs. FC Twente.2

In front of ITIMS 1

In front of ITIMS 2

Dr.Tuan Mai Anh (ITIMS)

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