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Full name: Dr. Chu Thi Xuan
Date of birth: February 26, 1983
Position: Lecturer
Work address: Room 301, ITIMS-Building, No. 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tell: 38680787
Fax: 84-4-8692963 


1. Teaching Courses:
  • Biophysical and Soft Condensed Matter– Code: IMS6050

2. Research Interests: 

  • Biosensor
  • Microfluidic
  • Nanotechnology

3. Published  Papers:


T. X. Chu, A. V. Salsac, E. Leclerc, D. Barthès-Biesel, H. Wurtz & F. Edwards-Lévy. Comparison between measurements of elasticity and free amino group content of  ovalbumin microcapsule membranes: discrimination of the cross-linking degree. J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 355 (2011), 81–88. 


E. Leclerc, D. Barthès-Biesel, A. V. Salsac & T. X. Chu. Patent: Process and system of production of calibrated microcapsules. 2011. National institute of industrial properties, France.   


T.X. Chu, E. Leclerc, A. V. Salsac, D. Barthès-Biesel, L. Griscom & F. Edwards-Lévy. Online fabrication and characterization of microcapsule populations with a flow-focusing microfluidic system. 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference, N79, Aug. 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece.


D. Barthès-Biesel, X. Hu, A. V. Salsac & T. X. Chu. Three-dimensional effects in the flow of bioartificial capsules in pores. Euromech Colloquium 521- Biomedical flows at low Reynolds number. Aug. 2011, Zurich, Switzerland.


T.X. Chu, A. V. Salsac, E. Leclerc, D. Barthès-Biesel, H. Wurtz & F. Edwards-Lévy. Measurement of microcapsule membrane elasticity using a microfluidic technique: discrimination between populations. 2nd European. Conference on Microfluidics, N98, dec. 2010, Toulouse, France.


T.X. Chu, A. V. Salsac, E. Leclerc, D. Barthès-Biesel, F. Edwards-Lévy & H. Wurtz. Measurement and discrimination of the membrane elasticity of microcapsule populations using an inverse method.  12th conference on condensed matter, Aug. 2010, Troyes, France.


4. Published Books:

- Not Available

5. Other information:



Year of graduation




Microfluidic/University of Technology of Compiegne, France



Nanotechnology/University Paris-Sud XI, france



Nuclear physics/Ha Noi University of Science E-learning, Viet Nam



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