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Devices for Micro-nano Systems and Sensor

Equipments of Laboratory for Micro-nano Systems and Sensor

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1 Nitrogen liquid generator Vu Anh Minh 7593
2 Nitrogen Gas Generator Vu Anh Minh 6814
3 Ellipsometer Vu Anh Minh 6468
4 4 - Point probe Unit (surface resistance) Vu Anh Minh 7008
5 Thickness measurement equipment Vu Anh Minh 6452
6 DI water System Vu Anh Minh 8356
7 Centrifugal system coating SOG Vu Anh Minh 6364
8 Evaporation systems Vu Anh Minh 6574
9 Sputter system Vu Anh Minh 6501
10 Optical microscope Vu Anh Minh 7449
11 Photolithographer Vu Anh Minh 6263
12 LPCVD system Vu Anh Minh 6545
13 Oxidation Furnace Vu Anh Minh 6147
14 Diffusion, oxidation furnace Vu Anh Minh 6168
15 Wire welding Vu Anh Minh 6010
16 C-V measurement system Vu Anh Minh 5951
17 Semiconductor parameters measurement system Vu Anh Minh 5681

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