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Written by Vu Anh Minh   
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 17:55


No MSc students Promotor(s) Topic of thesis
1 Hoang Van Binh Ass. Prof. Do Xuan Thanh

Dr. Nguyen Quang Liem

Study of the luminescence properties of Cr3+ion in natural Al2O3.MgO spinel
2 Tran Thi Kim Chi Dr. Nguyen Quang Liem Study of the strutural transfomation in sillicon thin film on glass by raman scattering spectroscopy
3 Luong Huu Bac Ass. Prof. Dr. Phan Quoc Pho

Ass. Prof. Nguyen Hanh

Synthesis and characterisation of oxygen ion conductors of BIZNVOX family
4 Dang Huy Dat Dr. Nguyen Quang Liem Preparation and study of the optical properties of crystalline ZnO film
5 Nguyen Van Dung Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nghi Investigation of giant magnetoimpedance effect in amorphous Co-based and nanocrystalline Fe-based ribbons
6 Vu Thu Hien Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Phu Thuy

MSc. Trinh Quang Thong

Study of PZT thin film
7 Vu T. Tuyet Khuyen    
8 Le Trong Lu Dr. Du Thi Xuan Thao

MSc. Trinh Xuan Anh

Optical properties of Eu3+ doped SiO2-Al2O3 system prepared by sol-gel technique
9 Lam Thi Thanh Nhan Ass. Prof. Le Quoc Minh

Ass. Dr. Tran Kim Anh

Fabrication and optical properties of rare earth doped silica/zirconia materials
10 Nguyen T. Hoang Oanh Prof. Dr. Sc. Than Duc Hien

MSc. Nguyen Duc Minh

Some initial studies on the fabrication of high-Tc superconducting thin films Y-123
11 Nguyen Nguyen Phuoc Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan

Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Phu Thuy

Exchange-biased coupling in FM/AFM bilayers
12 Nguyen Xuan Quang Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Chien

MSc. Nguyen Hoang An

Application of the vacuum technique in the preparation of bio-composite materials
13 Ong Khac Quy Ass. Prof. Nguyen Hanh

Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Phu Thuy

CoFe2O4nanocrystallities synthesized by forced hydrolysis method in 1,2-propanediol and their magnetic properties
14 Nguyen T. Ngoc Quyen Dr. Le Xuan Que

Ass. Prof. Dr. Luu Tuan Tai

Electrochemical synthesis and characterristic studies of conducting polymer PANi and its Mixes with PANa
15 Le Hoang Son Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Xuan Phuc

Dr. Nguyen Van Khiem

Investigation of magnetic clustering and phase formation kinetics of Nd0.7Sr0.3O3
16 Do Quang Tam Dr. Pham Thanh Huy Optimum technologycal conditions for the fabrication of porous silicon and optical properties of porous silicon
17 Le Thi Hai Thanh Ass. Prof. Dr. Luu Tuan Tai

MSc. Bui Thi Hang

Magnetic and electrochemical properties of La0.8Nd0.2Ni4.9-xCoxSi0.1 multicomponent system
18 Pham Duc Thanh Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Chien

MSc. Mai Anh Tuan

ISFET fabrication and application for pesticide biosensor
19 Nguyen Chi Thuan Ass. Prof. Dr. Le Van Hong Preparation and investigation of Ni-based nano magnetic thin films
20 Dao Van Truong Dr. Nguyen Khac Man

Prof. Dr. Sc. Than Duc Hien

Fabrication and characterization of Bi-based high temperature superconducting targets by solid state reaction and sol-gel
21 Nguyen Hoang Viet Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phu Thuy

MSc. Ngo Van Nong

Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in ferromagnetic shap memory alloys Ni2+xMn1-xGa
22 Pham Van Vinh Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Chien Study of semiconductor gas sensor based on nano doped- TiO2 material


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